Mobile-Friendly Conversion ::.

Is your website ready for the mobile revolution? Recent studies suggest that the number of website visitors using handheld devices will MATCH the number of visitors using desktop computers. You have roughly 5-6 seconds to assure a visitor that your site is professional, easy-to-navigate, and most importantly...WORKS! It is now absolutely vital to have a mobile-friendly version of your existing website.

My Mobile-Friendly Conversion service consists of taking your current website and making an alternate version that works with handheld devices. If viewed from a desktop computer, the desktop version loads. If viewed from a handheld device, the mobile version loads. Simple as that, and with no hassle or work on your end!


Social Media Presence ::.

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is now the cheapest and most effective form of advertising. It allows customers, both current and potential, to interact with your business in a more personal fashion. You can consistently keep them updated on new products or services, special offers, or even just give them a glimpse into the inner-workings and personality of your company.

With that being said, setting up and maintaining a social media campaign can be very time-consuming. I can set up your company's profile on various social media websites, perform status updates, tweets, blogs, and just generally take care of all that grunt work for you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Content Management System (CMS) ::.

In the world of building and maintaining a website, a Content Management System (CMS) really is a beautiful thing. If you've had or currently have a website, chances are you've had to deal with someone who is responsible for updating your website. Between missed phone calls and update charges, you really are at the mercy of your programmer. But not with a CMS-based website.

A Content Management System allows you to update your website just as easily as making a blog or Facebook post. Instead of hashing through lines of code, it's a simple point-and-click affair. Whether you'd like to update your existing website or have a new one built, a CMS is the way to go if you want to be in control of your website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ::.

When it comes to your business or website having a high search engine ranking, it's all in the details. Things like coding, keyword placement, links, and a plethora of other elements combine to make or break your search engine performance. I will look through every nook and cranny of your website, making notes of where things could be added, removed, or modified and come up with a winning strategy to improve your rankings.